I met the Gypsy Kings (before they were famous ) up there in their multi-caravan encampment, sitting around the fire, kids and dogs and great food with amazing music and singing. Thanks for the memory.

Do not believe the get rich stories in their entirety.

Edward Teach


Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Do your own research. You click on the ‘ Get Rich Fast‘ article, sip your morning drink and dream of where you will spend all that money.

I can easily recall the long voyages I wanted to take aboard my mega-yacht, the endless travel visiting all the…

Learning writing skills requires time and dedication to work, constant observation. Does not come overnight.

James Martin@brightfuturenow

Photo by Shyam on Unsplash

I began writing long ago, Back in The Day.

Years before computers I was in my chair at my keyboard. My typewriter was mechanical, the kind where you had to change the ribbons once in a while after the letters got dimmer and dimmer and smacking the key harder was…

Looking For the Steam Train on the North Coast.

Edward Teach


Photo by Rhodi Lopez on Unsplash

Living on the island of Hispañola in the Dominican Republic is easy. All tropical, long deserted beaches lined for miles and miles with swaying coconut palms.

Yet, the capital, Santo Domingo is a bustling metropolis on the south coast churning with throngs of shoppers, hustlers and tourists.

Edward Teach

I have experienced the wonders of this planet to the extreme. Now I write stories laced with first-hand experience and share up to date topics of interest.

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