With the Grim Reaper hiding behind every bush, trying to kill me, I stay in my house and keep busy.

Edward Teach

Jan 26 · 7 min read

James Martin

Dec 29, 2020 · 3 min read

Tired of seeing multiple killings in the news? Continue reading to understand how Modern Science has advanced techniques to identify those killers among us

James Martin


Are You in a Groove ( or a Rut)?

Here we make those necessary changes to put you on the right track.

James Martin


We are flying along our chosen pathway into the future. The years go by like telephone poles out the window of a fast moving car.

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

We see the small irritations and swat them away (by habit) as we keep on truckin’. We finish the day, make a meal, channel some entertainment and find our evening pillow so comforting.

We re-hash our day, make some hazy plans for the morrow and soon, Zzzzz, Zzzzz,
Morning unerringly gives…

I met the Gypsy Kings (before they were famous ) up there in their multi-caravan encampment, sitting around the fire, kids and dogs and great food with amazing music and singing. Thanks for the memory.

Follow this writer’s painful trek through illusion and back into the light of truth.

You may see a partial reflection of your self in this mirror.

James Martin

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I awoke into a cool morning with a familiar pain in my heart.

Not the physical pain signaling a heart attack rather it was the mental pain telling me that failure was my horse and up ahead poverty was my destination.

And we were in a full gallop.
Woe is me, sad and useless me. Got no funds, ( savings dwindling ), no real friends, no nothing,

My compass is…

You know me on youtube as coco loco, the sunshine face with sunglsses when I praise your videos. Can you show me how to make the video link like you have here, for when I post on Medium ? Still learning the tricks, Thank You, James Martin.

Do not believe the get rich stories in their entirety.

Edward Teach


Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Do your own research. You click on the ‘ Get Rich Fast‘ article, sip your morning drink and dream of where you will spend all that money.

I can easily recall the long voyages I wanted to take aboard my mega-yacht, the endless travel visiting all the wonders of the world. Sitting on the balcony of my private estate sipping afternoon brandy with my attractive partner, so proud of our intelligent children attending the best universities.

Then the cat danced across my laptop keyboard and produced qdsrty dddfbji and walked to my coffee cup, took a long…

Learning writing skills requires time and dedication to work, constant observation. Does not come overnight.

James Martin@brightfuturenow

Photo by Shyam on Unsplash

I began writing long ago, Back in The Day.

Years before computers I was in my chair at my keyboard. My typewriter was mechanical, the kind where you had to change the ribbons once in a while after the letters got dimmer and dimmer and smacking the key harder was not the solution. Each individual letter was on the end of a long metal arm that was flung out to strike against the paper when you put your finger on a letter on the keyboard and pushed.

Mistakes were corrected not by highlighting and deleting rather they were covered with…

Looking For the Steam Train on the North Coast.

Edward Teach


Photo by Rhodi Lopez on Unsplash

Living on the island of Hispañola in the Dominican Republic is easy. All tropical, long deserted beaches lined for miles and miles with swaying coconut palms.

Yet, the capital, Santo Domingo is a bustling metropolis on the south coast churning with throngs of shoppers, hustlers and tourists.

The food is delicious and varied. Street food is the best. There seems to be no real license or inspection requirement to sell on the street, just set up, get your charcoal fire going and start cooking.

Edward Teach

I have experienced the wonders of this planet to the extreme. Now I write stories laced with first-hand experience and share up to date topics of interest.

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